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The percussion section at Fusion is lead by Caption Head Jamie Szeinberg. The percussion staff strives to create a percussion ensemble and percussion book that not only keeps the crowd on their feet but also facilitates growth and development in each individual player. As a member of the Fusion "Core" Percussion section, you learn the value of team work and commitment. The staff not only encourages members to achieve at a high level of excellence but also likes to have fun. Members will take away refined skills that involve playing and moving but also create character building memories that will be carried to other facets their lives.


The 2019 percussion staff has various world class and high achieving backgrounds consisting of DCA, DCI, and WGI experience -- all culminating in one amazing summer of instruction, education and growth as a performer.


Fusion Core 2019 percussion still has a few spots left to fill our Summer Cast. If you're interested in joining us next Summer, submit a Membership Application. Also, make plans to attend an upcoming rehearsal.



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Why Choose Fusion Core? Testimonials from Fusion Core Members

Shealyn Costello | Cymbals

Fusion is my other family. This corps taught me how to leave my comfort zone in my playing and performing abilities. These are some of the most talented and motivating people I have ever met. I grew up around drum corps my whole life and said I would never march anywhere else. Fusion changed that; the people here changed that. The friends I have met here, I know will be lifelong. We all wear the same uniform, we all perform on the same field -- we are all family. I love this core and I am so glad I came here and you will be too.



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Andrea Ojeda | Bass Drum

Fusion is a home away from home for me. The family connection I feel when I'm there is one that helps to push me through any tough times I have had up until that point. When I see my drum waiting for me, I feel ready to forget all the woes and play some fiddles for delight. Some of the closest brothers and sisters I have come from Fusion. I believe that I wouldn't be who I am today without discovering this Corps and sticking with Fusion.



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Melanie Jones | Front Ensemble

Fusion means more than what I can really even describe with words. I was given a place to express myself and was motivated to get better. Fusion means coming together, putting all of our differences aside, and making ourselves vulnerable to do what we love. I feel at home when I'm at Fusion and I received a different view of drum corps. Fusion took me from where I was and pushed me beyond my limits to get me to where I am today. I thank Fusion every day for allowing me to grow as a person as well as a musician and performer.



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About Fusion

Fusion Drum & Bugle Corps is a non-profit organization who provides its members with the opportunity to develop and continue their musical and visual arts education -- all contributing to the cultural enrichment of the community.

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