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Fusion's Color Guard is one of the finest ensembles in all of DCA. In 2014, the talented group of performers were crowned the 2014 DCA World Championship Color Guard on finals night. Lead by caption head Rob Watson, Fusion Core's Color Guard staff represents years of instruction, performing, writing and designing from the activities most prestigious organizations; from DCI to WGI. Whether recently new to the activity or you're a long term veteran, our staff rehearses this ensemble to achieve its long term goal -- "to make amazing memories and friendships, to live moments on the field through high achievement and performance and most importantly, to work with our teammates to have an incredible amount of fun."


Fusion Core 2018 is currently accepting applications for Rifles, Sabres, Flags and Dancers to fill our Summer Cast. If you're interested in joining us this Summer, submit a Membership Application. Also, make plans to attend a winter rehearsal and audition weekend.



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Why Choose Fusion Core? Testimonials from Fusion Core Members

AJ Russo | Color Guard Captain

What does Fusion Core mean to you?

What Fusion means to me is a second home and family. I know that is something you hear from every place you go but Fusion puts those words to reality. I came here not knowing anyone my first year and I can say each season I've walked away with not only experience and growth, but with unforgettable memories. There is not a person in the entire corps that you can't count on to be there for you when you're not at your best. Between the members and the staff of the color guard the passion is continuously growing for this activity. Just like our corps song says "I have been changed for good" and I promise you"ll come the end of each season you will remember those words.



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Sasha Keating | 3-Year Color Guard Member

What does Fusion Core mean to you?

When I first auditioned for FCCG, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I only knew a handful of people, but those few have turned into some of my dearest friends, and with them, I have loved every minute of my time growing both as a performer and as a family. I have learned lessons that I will carry with me for the rest of my life, and I would encourage anyone who wants to do some cute twirls, create lasting bonds, or even just to have fun, Fusion is a place I call home and the doors are always open.



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Courtney Tapper | Color Guard Captain

What does Fusion Core mean to you?

What fusion means to me is simply family. I know that it may sound cliche or like a generic attribute, but it is truly the first thing that comes to mind. From my very first season here, I was welcomed as if I had been there for years.The immediate support I received not only from the color guard members and staff, but also from the members and staff of the core itself, was unbelievable. It is because of this atmosphere that I keep returning and would recommend anyone join this group.




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About Fusion

Fusion Drum & Bugle Corps is a non-profit organization who provides its members with the opportunity to develop and continue their musical and visual arts education -- all contributing to the cultural enrichment of the community.

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