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Welcome to the Fusion Horn Line

Fusion's hornline comprised of talented trumpet, mellophone, baritone and tuba players ranging in experience from 3-30 years. Whether you're new to the drum corps activity or a long time performer, there's something for everyone at Fusion. Lead by Brass Caption Head, John Molloy, Fusion's music education program isn't just about playing loud - it's about achieving a quality sound through proper technique and rehearsal. Our hornline staff is among the best in the business and provide quality instruction to each member in both sectional and ensemble rehearsals. The outcome -- a blend of sound that you can only get at Fusion.


Some spots still remain for Summer 2019. If you're interested in joining us this Summer, submit a Membership Application. Also, make plans to attend an upcoming winter rehearsal.



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Why Choose Fusion Core? Testimonials from Fusion Core Members

Arden Harper | Mellophone Player

What does Fusion Core mean to you?

When you think about losing all your weekends, you think to yourself that "there goes all my free time." When you think instead about spending all your weekends with people who are passionate about the same things as you, you think to yourself, "how lucky can I be?" Some people think drum corps is the former, but I believe its the latter. Fusion has shown me what all I'm capable of doing and has shown me lasting friendships built on the principles of music.




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Chaz Sheridan | Mellophone

What does Fusion Core mean to you?

Fusion is the thing I lose the most sleep over. Not because it stresses me out; because every day the show, the performances, and my Fusion family zoom through my mind in beautiful fashion.



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Conrad Taylor | Trumpet

What does Fusion Core mean to you?

Fusion to me means family. We all have struggles and hard times in regular life but in the end we always have our purple family to help us to get back on our feet. If you want to experience the true meaning of family outside of your home, then come to fusion where we are all family!!!!!



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About Fusion

Fusion Drum & Bugle Corps is a non-profit organization who provides its members with the opportunity to develop and continue their musical and visual arts education -- all contributing to the cultural enrichment of the community.

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